Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Cans - Another One Bites The Dust

Hello Friends:

It's been ages ... again ... since I posted.  This year has been a slow one for the blog, but that's okay.  Maybe I'll just put ten posts up in December.  :)  I've been away from the blog both because of good times and bad.  Usually the down times make me write, but for some reason this year I've been away no matter how I felt.  Weird.

Anyway, what I really wanted to write about today was a continuing triumph.  I have once again triumphed over can.  If you want the gory details about my OCD issues with cans, you can check up on two previous posts, "Cans are Scary" and "Triumph Over Can."  That's the starting point for me tackling yet another can.

Pumpkin seems to be the motivator.  It is pumpkin which calls to me so strongly that I just have to go to it.  I do not eat canned beans.  No, I will go through the trouble of buying them dry and soaking them overnight and then cooking them forever.  I do not eat canned tomatoes.  Again, I will buy them fresh and go through the process of removing the skins and saucing them myself.  Both of these endeavors are time consuming, and although they make for a good end product, they are a enough of a pain that I do not have either beans or tomato dishes nearly as much as I would like.  It really would be so much easier if I just could eat the canned versions.

But I can't.  Yet.  Big emphasis on yet.  There was a time I would have said never.  Absolutely never would I willingly open and eat from a can.  But once again, pumpkin has called to me, and another can has, as they say, bitten the dust.

It is pie that is doing it.  Why doesn't my grocery store consistently carry pumpkin pie?  Even this time of year you can't be certain there will be pumpkin pies in the bakery.  This is madness.  I love pumpkin pie, and will happily eat the stuff year round.  Now, I understand if it is unrealistic of me to want my bakery to produce pumpkin pies all year.  Fine.  But where is my pumpkin pie now?  It is practically Thanksgiving.  And I certainly will have pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving.

So, yes, I bought cans of pumpkin.  I could have gone through the cooking-pumpkin-from-scratch process, but even I find that tedious.  Two cans of pumpkin.  And I even have a can opener from a previous need to crack into a can of pumpkin.  Took a while to find it.

It was all strangely easy.  It sort of had a dreamy feel to it.  I opened a can of pumpkin.  It looked fine.  I used it.  The pie smelled heavenly while it was cooking because I over-spice my pies with my entire spice cabinet.  Especially cloves, allspice, and ginger.  The place really smelled like Thanksgiving.  Wow.  Pie came out and cooled a bit.  And then I ate a piece.  Just like that.  I felt a twinge or two.  Ate it anyway.  Had a twinge or two when I was going to bed, but I always have trouble at bedtime, so I ignored it.

And here I am.  One day post pie.  Not quite.  I just had a tiny sliver with breakfast.  It is pretty @&$% good.  Have I mentioned how much I love pumpkin pie?  And now I can make my own, whenever I want.  Wow, I feel empowered - empowered to make pie, and empowered in another triumph over OCDs.  

Your Hostess With Neuroses
Image credit/info:  Picture taken by me of a pie that certainly won't last long.

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