Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spring Beauty Right Out The Front Door

Flowers growing in my own
postage-stamp of a front lawn.
Not sure how they got there.
Hello Friends:

I want to say "thank you" again to everyone who read and especially those who commented on my last blog post. It is amazing to get that kind of support, and I appreciate it more than I can say. First of all I just feel better for myself, feeling more understood, and secondly I feel a little better for those people who were directly affected by that tragedy, since there are now more people who are aware of it and can hope/pray for them (or whatever it is you do).

I am finally getting out of the darkness of this winter - and it is such a wonderful thing. I'm feeling better emotionally, I'm over my nasty ear infection, I've had some processing time on those other tough issues I've mentioned, and I have some plans for travel coming up that really are exciting.

Of course, to travel, one needs to be able to leave the house.  These days, just leaving the front door is a real coup. But I am working hard to focus on the positive.  The air was so perfect today that even I felt compelled to take a tiny walk around the complex, braving all the things I dislike about the outdoors.  (Like, why do there have to be dirt, insects, and rodents out there?)  In light of that, and in light of the arrival of spring, and in light of the literal increase in the amount of light at my latitude, I offer some pictures of flowers from my modest jaunt.

It amazes me sometimes how much beauty can be so very close. I took all of these pictures myself, and each subject is not more than a thirty second walk from my front steps. I live in a simple, very cookie-cutter townhouse complex in typical suburbia. You'd think there would be nothing so special to look at here, but I was wrong about that.  It is a good lesson for me, to focus in closer and see what is right under my nose. It's so easy to think you need to go someplace else to find what you need.

If you know more about these flowers than I do (which isn't hard) do please enlighten me!

Your Hostess With Neuroses

Image credit/info: All mine! Wanna use? Link to this blog and credit Blue Morpho.

Um, some pink stuff.  Sort of like Mountain Laurel,
but I think this is something else.
Daffodils!  These are some of my very favorite flowers.
I don't know much about the kinds of
flowers that grow on trees. Is this a
kind of faux cherry?

More flowers on trees.  Dogwood, maybe?  Nice and fluffy.

This purple stuff is literally thick on the ground out here.
Not bluebells, so I'm out of ideas.
Someone has some great tulips out here, mixed in with
some red spiky flowers that I have no clue about.
Okay, this is that ground cover stuff that is all over, but I
really think it is pretty.
So this is what I think of when I think of blue bells, but I
know that's not quite right.  Still pretty.

One perfect dandelion.  I love dandelions.  People who care
about their lawns think of these as weeds. Given that I don't
really have the mindset to deal with my lawn, I think of
these as free yard ornaments.


Tina Fariss Barbour said...

I love your photos! So many beautiful blooms. You are so right--there's so much beauty out there, sometimes right under our noses.

I'm glad you're feeling better and have some fun travel plans.

The beauty of nature is a real comfort to me.

I think the flowers in the first photo are periwinkle. We have some around some rocks in our yard. I love the color!

Thank you for sharing the beauty from your walk!

71 & Sunny said...

Wow, I wish I had that many pretty flowers around my house! Really beautiful. I love all the colors. You did a nice job taking the pictures, too.

I almost laughed out loud when I read your parting line, "Hostess with Neuroses." Love that! said...

The first ones are also known as myrtle, up from the bottom the purple are hyacinths, then pink phlox. I am so glad that you went out and found some beauty out there. Such a beautiful day to do it. Very successful trip outdoors, hopefully the confidence will build on itself!

Karin said...

Great pics! We only have crocus and other really early flowers up as of yet up here.

I too, am a dandilion fan. I love yellow flowers in the middle of my lawn. We also have some kind of purple flower/weed growing in our lawn. I agree, they make the lawn look prettier! (and i don't have to get rid of them )

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