Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Fountain of Too Much Going On

Hello Friends:

So usually when I take a series of long writing breaks, it's because I am too depressed to write.  I'm happy to say that my long absence has been due more to having too much going on, rather than nothing going on (for a change).  The year has been overflowing (like a fountain, see pic :) although there has been both good and bad, it's mostly been good.

Yet, it's always unsettling to go back to the blog and keep trying to blog, no matter what has been blocking the writing.  It's tough.

It's been an anxious year.  I've had a lot of health concerns I've been trying to nail down, as well as lots of travel.  I haven't been able to really get out and see friends, so I've been sort of isolated.  And the kicker is that I've been trying an experiment to see if I can get back into 'real' work, at least part time.  Very anxious.

It isn't as if I don't have oodles of ideas for posts.  Since there has been so much going on, there has been lots and lots of fodder for posts.  I just have to get the stuff down on 'paper' and get it, you know, posted.  And I have a lot of catch-up reading to do on all of your blogs, as I get myself back into the swing of things here.  Or try to, once again.  Which is also an anxious sort of thing.

Up until about December or January I was pretty down, and I think getting out of that can be credited to adding some Abilify to the med mix.  Celexa and my many supplements just weren't cutting it alone.  I'll also give some credit to my light box as a good 'brightness fix' in the winter months.  If you are like me, and feel down in winter, you might want to consider one of these.  Mine is pretty effective.

So to wrap up this rambling post, I'm not going to promise too many more posts too soon, although I'd really like to get some of these ideas down.  I've just been too sporadic over the last year.  But as I try again to get back into other activities that put me into the world, I'm going to keep on trying.  I look forward to reading up on your blogs!

Your Hostess With Neuroses

Image credit/info:  Picture of a fountain, on Flickr via Creative Commons CC 2.0.


Tina Fariss Barbour said...

Good to have you back! I'm glad that you are feeling better with the meds change and the light box.

I know what you mean about getting the ideas down on paper. Sometimes that's the hardest thing to do--to take the time to get it out of my thoughts and on to the computer!

Lauren said...

I have that problem too, and sometimes it drives me crazy. I have to remind myself to breathe, take a moment and not over-stress. Sorting your thoughts can be hard when they're running at 100 miles per hour.

Anonymous said...

Hi I feel like in going completely crazy, I was bitten by the kids hamster pretty hard with the shock I dropped him and a few hrs later de died!!!i began to get tingling and a little pain in the cut arfter it had healed, when I googled this it mentioned rabies, bearing in my I live in the UK and iv had him for years. in the last 10 years there has been 9 daubenton bats identified to be carrying a rabies virus in the UK because its summer and we have the windows open and iv seen bats flying around our tree I'm convinced a rabid one has flown in and got in the cage and bitten the hamster!!!! My family think I'm mad, but iv been aching all week, felt sick, I can hardly sleep, and last night I woke up having night sweats and now all my fingers are tingling in that hand. iv had other worrys before I thought I had tetanus cos the rabbit scratched me then I thought my son had rats disease cos he was ill after going in the pool , last yr my partner died suddenly which I think triggered these worries, but I'm convinced il be dead from rabies soon :(

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