Saturday, March 29, 2008

Your Hostess Has Her First Post

Hello Friends:

Welcome to my first post. Anxiety Land is where I live, and it can be a very strange place as viewed from the outside. Let's talk about how a day starts. Do you get up every day and wonder if you'll be able to use your toothbrush, or have to open a new one? That's how it is here. Toothbrushes can be scary. I've known I was living in Anxiety Land for about 16 years, now, so I've had lots of therapy, done a tremendous amout of work, some meds, and then more work, and so now can say that bad-toothbrush-days have dropped to about once a week. But still, if you have never looked at your toothbrush with suspicion, you probably live someplace very different from Anxiety Land. But stick around ... everyone is welcome, and hopefully this will be eye-opening place, or a thought provoking one, or at least an amusing one. And if you are a resident of Anxiety Land, like me, then Hi! And BTW I can use a Sonicare now. I don't even have to change the brush heads more than 2 times a year. That's a whole heaping helping of therapy at work ...

Your Hostess with Neuroses

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