Monday, June 4, 2012

I Love an Owl and Please Tell Me What to Read

Boggle the Owl gives a hug
to an anonymous icon
Hello Friends:

Just when you think you have a handle on the new platforms, more platforms show up.  I've only just gotten comfortable with Twitter.  (Facebook keeps changing so you can't actually get comfortable with it even if you use it every day.)  Then I get forwarded a link for something on "tumblr."  I do not know what to do with this platform, really, and would ignore it for another couple of years - except that the link I was sent had something in it I really, really liked.  -  A certain owl.

I like it so much I figured I'd share it with you.  The 'blog' or whatever it is is called "Boggle!" and the taglines are "Boggle is worried about you.  Boggle is also an owl."  I do not know who is drawing the illustrations or writing the blog, but they are very informed about mental illness.  The author speaks primarily through the owl, giving out good advice and lots of warm fuzzies to people who really need them.

It is an excellent gimmick, and I don't mean that in a bad way.  By speaking through the owl, the person who is writing the blog comes over as approachable and non-threatening.  The author can say things through the owl that they would not be able to say otherwise, since it might be taken oddly.  (For example, the owl can say, "I wish I could come over to your house and make you dinner and listen to the whole story" and have it be taken perfectly innocently.  Some stranger online says the same thing, and it might feel a bit too ... familiar.)

And this owl is just so freaking cute.  I read through pages of responses that Boggle gave to people who wrote in with problems, and liked the blog more and more as I read.  The owl doles out much more than advice, he offers encouragement and a kind of unconditional love that is amazingly appealing.

Which got me thinking ...

I wonder what other really good blogs are out there that I'm missing?  Generally speaking, I like to read personal blogs from other people who deal with their own mental illnesses.  I like blogs that don't shy from the hard truth, but at the same time are focused on healing.  I like blogs that express the fact that just getting through each day is a triumph, and yet still talk about how life can be so much more than just surviving.  This Boggle blog was a surprise to me, since I generally stay away from blogs written by "authorities" in mental health.  I'm generally more interested in the sufferer's perspective.  Apparently that's not a hard and fast rule since I like this one so much :)

So how about this - give me three mental health blogs you read that really resonate with you in some fashion.  Maybe they make you feel like someone understands, or they feel very truthful and authentic, or they give great advice, or they help you feel positive and uplifted, or whatever.  I know we all have many more than three blogs we'd call favorites, but I'm hoping to give a visit to every blog that is suggested.  A really big list will probably just overwhelm me :)  FYI, I generally avoid blogs with ads.  I know there must be a lot more great blogs by and for people with MI than I've found up to this point.

Looking forward to seeing your suggestions!

Your Hostess With Neuroses

Image credit/info: Boggle blog on Tumblr - Boggle hugs an icon.


Tina Fariss Barbour said...

I love the owl idea--I will have to check out that blog. The owl is one of my favorite creatures.

OK, just three? LOL

Heal Now and Forever at I love what Jodi writes and I learn a lot from the comments, too.

ocdtalk. This is written by a woman whose son has OCD. Full of wisdom and hope. Very informative.

Depression Marathon. Etta is heart wrenchly honest about her depression and her ups and downs. She works incredibly hard and holds on to hope.

Jordan said...

My name is Jordan, and I'm with TLC Book Tours. We coordinate online blog tours for authors and publishers. I'm working with TLC Book Tours on a tour that I thought you might enjoy reviewing on your blog, Adventures in Anxiety Land. The tour I'm currently working on is the book "I Hardly Ever Wash My Hands: The Other Side of OCD", by J.J. Keeler. In this autobiography, Keeler discusses the challenges faced in living with OCD and courageously shows the reader how she has learned to live with her obsessions. Since you write about life with OCD, I thought you and your blog's readers might find this book interesting and relevant.
If you were interested, we'd have the book sent out to you in exchange for your posting your thoughts on the book on a mutually agreed-upon date in mid July to early August. We don't require positive reviews, just honest ones. 
I'd love to have you on this tour if you're interested! I look forward to hearing from you!
Jordan (at) TLCBookTours (dot) com
(I apologize for posting in your comments- I was unable to find your contact information on your blog! I'm sorry!)

Anonymous said...

That's a really good idea! (I'm new to your blog btw, so hi! :-) )

Let's see...

1. She writes from the heart.

There are many more :-)
I also have a blog, you're welcome to stop by:

The Blue Morpho said...

Hey thanks for all the comments and blog suggestions! I hope more come in, these are great!

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