Sunday, October 9, 2011

World Mental Health Day - Blogging on Investing

Hello Friends:

Want to join in on a little blog carnival for World Mental Health Day?  The 'how to post' is here.  That post also has a few links to other sites of interest.

Submit your post by noon EDT Oct 10, tomorrow to be included in this 'edition.'  The edition will list on Blog Carnival, and I will also post it completely in one blog post, myself.

I've been thinking more about the theme this year "Investing in Mental Health."  At first it might seem like it refers to how we can put more money into mental health care, or programs for mental illness.  But to me it is broader.  We have a lot of different things we can invest besides money - like our time, energy, enthusiasm, prayers, etc.  And we can invest them in a lot of places - ourselves, our family, community, food, jobs, planet and much more.  So there seem to be a whole host of ways we can view "Investing in Mental Health."  I know that I think a lot about how I invest in my own personal care.  I'm going to submit an older post about that, as well as a new one that looks at several ways to invest.  'Cause I can't stand the idea of missing out on anything.

I've read a lot of great posts on your blogs in the past that have to do with all the ways we can invest in mental health.  Please consider submitting them and/or writing up a new one and submitting that!

Your Hostess With Neuroses

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