Wednesday, October 5, 2011

World Mental Health Day - Join Me for a Blog Carnival

Hello Friends:

World Mental Health Day is on its way, October 10, 2011.  The theme this year is "The Great Push:  Investing in Mental Health."  Here are two of the sites promoting WMHD ... World Federation for Mental Health and World Health Organization (United Nations Sponsor).

My major contribution to WMHD will be to put up a blog post on Adventures in Anxiety Land on October 10, 2011 (of course) and to read what others post that day (of course).  There are a few places that are promoting us bloggers to blog the subject.  The one that caught my eye first was ... PsychCentral (Blog Party).  I'll be connecting my post that day to the PsychCentral Blog Party list.  But while it'll be fun to be a small part of something huge, it also sort of feels a little too impersonal.  I've really enjoyed reading all of your blogs, and thought it might be nice to do something a little more "close to home."

So, I have created a blog carnival at Blog Carnival called World Mental Health Day.  I would love to have you participate!  The end result will be a listing of submitted blog posts around the theme of WMHD 2011, Investing in Mental Health.  You can interpret that any way you want - investing money in a public program, investing time in a workshop on coping strategies, investing your energy in learning more about meds, investing your heart in hoping for better days ahead, or even investing your mind in blogging all the time :)

It is easy to submit a post.  Click on the link above, and then push the "Submit Your Blog Article to this Carnival" button at the top.  Fill out the form, which basically asks you for the URL of your blog post.  Submit by 9pm EDT on October 9 (UPDATE - Deadline Moved to Noon October 10, EDT) to be included on October 10, 2011!!!  You can submit the URL of an older post, if you prefer, or write a new one.  You can feel free to submit the post to other carnivals, or other blog parties or whatever.  Pass the carnival link on to your friends who have personal blogs about mental illness. (UPDATE - You can submit 2 posts for the edition.)

Then on October 10, the full list of submitted blogs will become available on Blog Carnival for us to peruse.  I think it will be great to have a corner of the world that's just ours, but also something we can point friends and family to to learn more about what "investing in mental health" means to those with mental illness.

(UPDATE - Posts that are selling something, hateful, not directly relevant, etc. will not be approved.)

This will be the first Blog Carnival I've ever hosted ... so here's hoping I don't mess up.

Please join in!  Looking forward to reading your posts!

Your Hostess With Neuroses

Image credit/info: PsychCentral Blog Party


Kat said...

What a great idea. : )

Kat said...

Submitted. : )

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